Products and Services

Installation and Service
Captive Reef Systems can service your existing system as well as any of our new systems. We design a service package especially for the type of tank and the animals living in that tank to provide them with the ultimate in care and environment to flourish.

Complete on-site aquarium maintenance and care including:

-Maintain optimum water quality for a guaranteed healthy environment for your animals

-Water Changes

-Aquarium/Lighting cleaning visits

-Water parameter testing and adjustments

-Fish and coral delivery and acclimation

Design and Sales
Captive Reef Systems specializes in turnkey marine aquariums for your home or office. We can design a system from as small as 75 gallons to over 500 gallons.

Products We Supply

Oceanic Systems
We are the local Dealer for these and many other Products as well.  Contact us for pricing on any Aquarium related Product.

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