saltwater aquarium reef

Welcome to Captive Reef Systems
A full service salt water aquarium resource for the discerning enthusiast. Owning a saltwater aquarium has never been so rewarding or easy.

What We Offer
Captive Reef Systems provides
-reef aquarium consultation and design
-in-home or office installation
-a service program ranging from 24 hour emergency 
  care, to a complete maintenance package.

All aimed at providing every customer with a unique salt water environment - made up of livestock, corals and life support systems that interact and complement one another.

Want to see some of our Projects?  Click Here.

Our Mission
We're committed to providing our customers with a level of excellence unsurpassed in the aquarium industry. We care about providing an aquarium environment that sustains its inhabitants - the livestock - and is a form of living art, as well.

This site was designed to provide everything you want to know about who we are, what we do and what services we can provide to you … so you're able to enjoy your Captive Reef.

Did you know that the Chinese, in their ancient practice of feng shui, believe an aquarium placed well in a home or business will bring luck, wealth, and harmony? Let us take you on a wondrous journey through the aquatic creations of Captive Reef Systems.


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